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Can I visit the Sangha?

Songdhammakalyani monastery is generally open for genuine female spiritual seekers of different religions (rare exceptions for accompanying husbands / teachers may be granted upon personal consultation with Ven. Dhammananda).

                With the monastery promoting interfaith dialogue, you do not have to be a Buddhist in order to visit us, however please pay respect to Buddhist traditions and, for overnight visitors, to follow along with our monastic routine.

                Please avoid ordination times (April and December) and carefully read the information below.

                “Buddhists, Muslims, Christians: We all climb the same mountain. The further up we climb with genuine intent, the closer we all get to the peak. At the bottom of the mountain, one might claim to see a rabbit, the other might see a snake, the next one a pigeon. Some might end up arguing with each other over who sees the truth. But this is not important. The essence lies in the mountain being the same.”