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What to bring

For visitors staying at the temple, it would be good to bring working clothes for gardening work that are not white, too.

                We will provide you with a pillow, bedsheets and a towel; if needed, also with shampoo and soap.

                Flip-flops are convenient as shoes are not allowed in the buildings.

                Visitor rooms are double rooms (single occupancy if available) and have fly screens, so there is no need for a mosquito net.                 Please also research on Thai weather conditions when packing (e.g. anti-insect repellent etc.).

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We work with various international universities and companies, offering motivated groups of up to 30 participants specific programs to taste monastic life. The stay lasts usually around 3 days. Teachers interested in taking their students are asked to prepare their students well in advance on the uniqueness of the monastery, its Theravada lineage and basic Buddhist knowledge (see also publications and social media).

                Also, a specific focus of our teachings and dhamma talks for that group can be discussed with us in advance (e.g. talks and games on leadership or teamwork values).

                If you would like to arrange a group stay in a different format, kindly consult with us.