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Network of Theravada Bhikkhunis in Asia Bhikkhuni's Networks

Network of Theravada Bhikkhunis in Asia

In the opening ceremony of Gotami vihara in Malaysia in 2012, this was the first time that the host invited the first Theravada bhikkhuni in Asia, Ven. Santini (Indonesia), Ven. Dr. Lieu Phap (Vietnam), Ven. Dhammananda (Thailand). For Malaysia, those who attended the meeting were anagarika and Sri Lankan bhikkhuni. This brought about the logo of the Network using cannonball flower (Sri Lanka) with 5 petals representing a symbol of Bhikkhunis from 5 countries.           

                Asian bhikkhuni sangha agreed on gathering and establishing the Network of Theravada Bhikkhunis in Asia. There were 5 cofounding countries. The works of the 5 founders are flexible in sharing information and working together e.g., organizing ASEAN Buddhist Conference 2016 at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University in September 2016 by the Network, there were 21 countries attending the conference including all member countries of the network; Internatinal Bhikkhuni Ordination in Sri Lanka on January 2015, there were 11 candidated from Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh also organized by the network.             

                Annual International Monastic Training at Songdhammakalyani monastery is organized on behalf of the network as well. 

Bhikkhuni's Networks Network of Thai Bhikkhuni Sangha

Network of Thai Bhikkhuni Sangha

Network of Thai Bhikkhuni Sangha (Theravada)

Founded on July 9th, 2013

                Dr.Chatsumarn Kabilsingh (Ven.Dhammananda) was the first Thai woman to be ordained in Theravada in 2001, and full ordination in 2003. She took the lineage from Sri Lanka and since then it has been 18 years. Now there are more than 170 bhikkhunis in Thailand spread out in at least 30 provinces, i.e. Nakhon Pathom (Central), Chiang Mai, Tak (North), Yasothorn, Sakon Nakhon (North East), Songkhla (South).

                The ordination mostly taken from Sri Lanka, some are very strict in the observance of Vinaya, some not so strict and some do not have training. 
                At the same time we witness also many bhikkhunis and samaneris who are serious in their practice and further their studies both in dhamma and vinaya.

Wat Songdhammakalyani Bhikkhuni Arama has been in existence some 57 years ago,     Ven.Dhammananda, being the first Theravadin bhikkhuni in Thailand invited Thai bhikkhunis to come together under this network on July 9,2013 with the purpose of supporting each other so that the new bud of Thai bhikkhunis can follow the vinaya properly by supporting each other in the best way they can.
                Members of the Network meet regularly three times a year. Last time they met in Koh Yoh, Songkhla. They have a program to visit each other, learning about each other to be able to support of each other.
                For membership write to the Network at 195 Petkasem Hwy., Muang District, Nakhon Pathom 73000 Thailand. Or call 034 258 270 for more information.

Petition for Bhikkhuni sangha in Thailand

                Apart from the network of Thai Bhikkhunis, we are also supported by the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB). If you would like to show your kind support of their petition on to formally establish the bhikkhuni sangha in Thailand, it is highly appreciated.