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Q & A FAQ Dhammananda

FAQ Dhammananda March 1, 2019

Why I am writing this? I have been giving interviews, so much so that I think I am born to do this. I enjoy talking to people who came all the way from the other side of the globe to meet me, to ask me all kind of questions. Indeed, some of the questions broaden up my own perspective and deepen my understanding, I am grateful for their input. Yet, there are questions which can be answered if they look in my previous written work. So my attempt to work on this FAQ is to weed out those common questions that I get all the time from people who came to interview me. Ah, I got a brilliant idea. If they ask me this question, and I know I have already answered it, I will simply say… please read answer to so and so. This would really help me a great deal. I spent 2 hours for each interview, if I have to give interview 3 times a week, that is already 6 hours of my time (considering my remaining time is becoming limited). At this age (date Feb.29,2016) I do get tired at the end of the interview. Yet I could not cut short knowing that you have come all the way from U.S.A. the opposite side of the globe and you have taken at least 22 hrs. of flying.

So before you see me, please browse through this FAQ and may be when you see me, you will need only to take a photo of us to prove that you have talked to me personally. Wouldn’t it be nice? I love seeing you all the same,