What to expect

Meal times

                We have 2 meals a day, breakfast at 07.00 A.M., lunch at 11.00 A.M.

                If you are laypeople, you might keep lunch meal for your dinner at 06.00 P.M. Coffee, tea and soya milk are provided at the dining hall.

Going for Almsround

                At least 3 Sangha members go out for almsround on Sunday and Wan Pra (Buddhist day). They start out as early as 06.00 A.M. as visitors you may like to follow them. The walk is one hour.


                The library is open from 08.00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M. we have both Eng. and Thai books.

                Foreigners can enjoy reading the books, with only one request, to put it back where you pick it up from. Please do not take the books out of the library.

Community time

                This is a requirement for everyone staying at our temple, whether as a guest or regular member. We spend 1 hr. together doing cleaning, raking, cutting grass, branches of the trees, etc.

                We consider this time spent together as equalizer.

                It is a beautiful way of giving, best kind of giving is to give up our ego, our holding on to illusive self.

                Kindly remember that you come to a temple to practice, and the first note for practice is to look inward, into yourself, for improvement. Looking outward, you can end up only criticizing others and missing the point.

                We wish that you have a pleasant and productive stay in this unique space!