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Silent Retreat

Nowadays, foreign women and Thai women are interested in practicing dhamma and seeking for a temple where they can stay and practice. However, they are still worried about communication in English and the safety of the place. In Early 2018, both foreign women and Thai women requested for silent treat at Songdhammakalyani monastery, because it is a female monk temple. It should be safe and there is Ven.Dhammananda who posseses knowledge and English language in teaching both concentration and insight meditation.

Songdhammakalyani monastery organizes silent retreat project in order to spread the right knowledge of both concentration and insight meditation to foreign women and Thai women for their benefits. They have an alternative to access the knowledge of Buddhism both the the theory and practice in a safe place. In 2019, there are 5 silent retreats as follows:-

                Schedule and Venue 2022 :     May 1st – 5th, July 1st – 5th , May 1st – 5th, August 1rt – 5th, and November 1st – 5th.

Person in charge: Ven.Dhammananda Theri and Ven.Dhammaparipunna